Hyper Island


Programme Management // Partnerships Directing //  Business Strategy // Learning Design & Facilitation

The Challenge

Launching Hyper Island in Amsterdam! This meant building up a network from scratch, including Industry partners, clients and collaborator companies. This was all to support the new Industry integrated Experience Design program. The BSSA invited Hyper Island to develop a course, helping to launch high potential 18 - 25 year olds into a career within the Creative Industries. Designing this program meant creating an engaging, supportive and transformational learning environment, leading students to reaching their full potential - and everything that comes along with that. From recruiting students, stakeholder management, booking experts and pulling in live briefs.

...good job we love a challenge.


Mischief Made

Within 2 weeks, we launched the now acclaimed integrated talent programme focused on training and placing the most promising young talent into the dutch creative industry. Just three 3 months in, we were already successfully running collaborations with leading brands. We battled petition fatigue for Greenpeace, unlocked a new audience in the older generation for Spotify, and co-created with consumers for adidas. Overall, Emily led 3 crews of 25 graduates through developing skills in; Design Thinking, Human Centred Research, Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship. We pivoted into a 1-month returning bootcamp where Lete took on the torch placing a further 3 Crews of 75 students into roles within Amsterdams top agencies, studios and startups.

“Emily was a highly proactive and constantly positive problem-solver who could cope with lots of demanding deadlines and stress while handling various stakeholders and partners. The challenges couldn’t have been solved without a massive amount of entrepreneurial attitude, which is just one way of describing Emily’s abilities.”
— Per Vidar Lundberg. Senior Vice President of Executive Education at Hyper Island