Get trained in one of the most in demand skills in the new world of work.


It’s a very old saying, but still holds true: give someone a fish, they’ll eat for a day. Teach them to fish, they’ll eat for a life-time. We love making Mischief with our clients, but the true magic lies in empowering others to get to grips with this new way of working, using the power of facilitation to spread Mischief far and wide 🚀

Skill-up for the new world of work, and enjoy yourself while you’re doing it.

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We facilitate both open, and in company training programs focused on learning by doing. No lengthy lectures, or nasty tests; our workshops are interactive with the focus on YOU trying out new tools and techniques. Every session is crafted to meet tangible takeaways that can immediately be applied to leveling up your professional powers


In-company training 🏔

We deliver Facilitation training for your employees, tailored to your companies wishes and needs. With this training you can empower your people to meet the demands of the new world of work, boosting their confidence and capabilities in collaborative working. Facilitation can streamline your processes, and even add new value to your client offerings.

Open Facilitation Course 🎓

We offer open training for Individuals looking to level up their Facilitation skills. You'll learn all the tools and techniques to host that engaging session. You'll be supported in leading your own workshops, meeting and events, alongside practicing and applying these skills, with experts and peers.

Mischief Modules 🎒

Upon your request we design learning modules for existing programs within schools, universities and organisations. In the past we’ve designed and delivered a wide variety of programs such as: the Creating Innovation Online Course for Hyper Island, Facilitation Training for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Design Thinking for the Vrije Universiteit and a Personal Branding course for DMG Education.


Interested in bringing mischief to your city? Upon request we host 2-day facilitation bootcamps on location!