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Mischief Makers is a future of work agency, empowering organizations & professionals to successfully collaborate in the new world of work. We help you transform your culture and ways of working; through upskilling, facilitation, and leveling up your offsites, programs and events.

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    Facilitation is all about making sure when a company brings their people together, it's an effective and enjoyable experience for all involved. Facilitators guide groups to results and host collaborative workspaces in a distributed world. They save us from wasting time in unproductive meetings and ensure every voice is heard; an art-form needed now more than ever.

    Facilitating your

    meetings, workshops & Programs. hybrid, offline, Online.

    We are your facilitation partner. Whether you need support in designing and hosting your own event or programme - or you're looking to skill up your capability to host engaging meetings - we've got you covered.

    Hybrid Facilitation

    because Hybrid is here to stay

    In 2022, if you're planning to host an in-person event, 9 times out of 10 there will be people who can only attend online. Whether planned or caught out last minute - it is always worth planning for this scenario. There is so much you can do to make both sides of the screen feel included, connected, engaged, and catered for. We're here to support you in building in this dynamic, with thousands of hours of experience in navigating and hosting interactive hybrid events.

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    • mischief_makers_worldbank_hybrid_workshop_learning
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    • mischief_makers_BMW_hybrid_workshop_learning
    • mischief_makers_gemeente_amsterdam_hybrid_workshop_learning
    • mischief_makers_ideo_hybrid_workshop_learning
    • mischief_makers_makers_unite_hybrid_workshop_learning
    • mischief_makers_soho_house_hybrid_workshop_learning
    • mischief_makers_wieden_kennedy_hybrid_workshop_learning
    • mischief_makers_wetransfer_hybrid_workshop_learning
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