Client Stories

Check out some stories of recent Mischief we’ve made across clients such as:


Wetransfer - Team Alignment

WeTransfer asked us to lead the teams in their design department in creating a united vision for ‘Design at WeTransfer’. This workshop wove together strategy and team development. We defined their shared purpose, explored their group dynamic and practiced effective communication techniques. Along with articulating their vision, they created an action plan and a social contract to empower the different teams remain aligned.


Accenture & TNW - Conference Experience Design

During the The Next Web Conference there is an evening Assembly, where speakers, policy makers and thought leaders join to explore how emerging trends and technologies will impact our society. Having these minds focused together is rare occasion and an awesome opportunity. To make the most of this, we were asked to develop new Round Table Formats; insuring engaged conversation and tangible outcomes. These were delivered by a troop of Mischief Maker facilitators, and were so well received that we were invited to create a Facilitation Guide; empowering table hosts to use our Round Table Formats during the Accenture Innovation Summit.



UBER - Global Summit

During a 2-day summit in Amsterdam, the Heads of Strategy across Uber EMEA came together to align their perspective and approach to strategy for their respective markets. They asked us to bring an element of Mischief - play, creativity and energy to the summit. We opened both days, kicking off with an energiser, along with delivering a shared purpose session as part of the deeper programme. As an official supplier for Uber, we lead a variety of workshops around team alignment, creative confidence and collaborative working.

Miscrosoft Skype - Creative Confidence

We flew across to one of our new favourite cities - Tallinn, Estonia to deliver a creative confidence workshop for Microsoft Skype HQ. A session to arm the employees with tools and techniques around collaborative creativity; exploring how to come up with kickass ideas, create space for future thinking and bold risk taking. The workshops goal was to unlocked potential and new possibilities within the group through, while also touching upon sharing feedback and reflection.



Emirates - Human Centered Design Bootcamp

Our mission to spread more Mischief in the world one workshop at a time, brought us to Dubai to work with Emirates. Running both Innovation Sessions for the Aviation X Lab and Lean Design bootcamps for their Intelak Incubator Programme. We have lead both seasons of aviation and tourism early stage Startups through a 2 day programme; exploring Human Centred Design, User Journey Mapping, Prototyping and with our own twist of playful Mischief.

DMG Education - Personal Branding Online Course

Along with leading courses, we craft learning journeys; designing both live and online courses for a variety of educational Institutes including; Hyper Island, School of Fish and BSSA. For DMG, we created a series of online workshops using Adobe Connect. These were not webinars, but live interactive sessions including presentations, break out exercises and group discussions.We crafted the module to empower the Swedish Music Industry Schools students to develop their own personal brand. From finding their ‘you-ness’ to crafting a visual and written tone of voice, which they could strategically share with the world to kick start their careers.