Bringing Human Centered design into the heart of the UAE Government

The program Design Gov is an initiative by the UAE with the purpose to “Connect those who serve to the people they serve.” It will serve as a new methodology in government action that adopts design thinking, which focuses on satisfying the aspirations and needs of the community. 

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Introducing the power of human centered design into the heart of the United Arab Emirates Government embedding new creative skills and mindsets for the future.

Desired Outcomes

Equipping participants with mindsets, skill sets and tools of human centred design Understanding the value of collaboration, empathy and XX Changing mindsets, opening up & stretching personally

What we did

In the two-week program 38 Chief Design Officers (from 25 different local and federal entities) of the UAE government took a deep dive into human centered design. As part of the ATÖLYE collaborator network Mischief Makers joined IDEO, Palmwood and DSIL to facilitate this interactive and engaging learning experience. We guided the participants through their transformational journey by letting them explore and learn the language, tools, processes and exercises they need to understand, imagine, and co-create meaningful solutions together with the people of their nation.

Sparking connection & impact at TNW conference

Ever taken action around societal impact on a tech conference? We did ⚡️. Together with 25 of our Mischief Facilitators we engaged 240 global policy makers, royals and Industry thought leaders in shaping future statements through our custom made interactive round table formats.

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Facilitation Course

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