Collaboration workshops

Culture Workshops

A strong and engaging company culture is the essential ingredient to making great work. This series of workshops will allow you to develop the environment needed to bring you and your team to the next level

Ways of Working

Culture isn’t something you can force, it’s something that comes from the people within. So instead of telling you what to do, we help uncover your unique style. Together we’ll craft a shared language, rituals and ways of working that enrich your environment.

Communication Styles 

Train your employees in the art of productive and effective communication. Define different ways of dealing with confrontation and decision making. Learn how to receive and deliver feedback, reflect and share learnings.

Group Dynamics

Diverse groups make brilliant work, but many different personalities, cultures and perspectives can lead to complex working environments. First, we’ll explore your current dynamic; before introducing you to models and techniques which help every character in your company thrive in harmony.

Team Day

Ever worked in a dream team, where it was smooth sailing, fun, über productive? It happens, sometimes- but it can happen every time if you invest in team development. Share your needs and working styles and lay the foundation for truly effective and enjoyable team work, within your company.