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The Challenge

Common Good called us in because they were rapidly growing from a small team to a larger group of uber talented folks (needless to say these guys are on 🔥  check out their work). They expertly spotted that now was the time for them to invest in defining their company culture, so that as they grow they can maintain the highest quality work and continue working with the very best talent.

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Mischief Made

We had the pleasure of running a culture session for the ever inspiring Common Good team.

We developed a dynamic workshop design ahead of the day, which we batted back and forth with leadership to make it brilliantly bespoke. One flight to the UK later we set up (work)shop and kicked off the day with intention and purpose; exploring their current group dynamic and setting a safe space in which we facilitate open team development.

Next up introduced them to tools and methods for ultra effective communication (the basis of any impactful company culture); including feedback, decision making and conflict management. With these skills under the belt, we mapped out when and where they could integrate the methods into their processes, to lay the foundation for living up to their unique company values going forward.

We wrapped up the day with a shared language, a culture road map and a team sparkling with appreciation for one another, their team and their company.

“The day was a perfect blend of play, fun, insight and sharing within the team. The session was expertly coordinated. Emily was clear, confident, engaging and organised. The whole CG team had great feedback on the success of the day - driven by Emily’s expert facilitation.”
— Charlie Meachin Co-Founder at Common Good