Creativity workshops

Creativity Workshops

Workshops to help you jet fuel your creative process and create truly revolutionary ideas. The best ideas evolve when people with different backgrounds, perspectives, and areas of expertise join forces to solve a problem. This series empowers collaborative creativity and challenges every participant to unlock their full creative potential.  

Human Centered Design


Get to grips with the Human Centred Design process; learn how to spot opportunities and find the insights needed to kickstart the strongest ideas. Use the awesome power of Rapid Prototyping. Embrace the impact of putting real human needs first and discover the varied research techniques that help you to do so.

Idea Storming

Creative Confidence is king! We’ll arm you with the tools and techniques you need to come up with kickass ideas, how to select the winners and fine tune them into the highest quality game-changers.

Future Mapping

Ideas for now and tomorrow are great. But what about the ones that will shape and change the future? How should you flex and swerve to embrace trends and technologies, and how do you dream up the (as of yet) impossible? We’ll help you map the future and shape ideas to keep you ahead of the game.