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Mischief Academy

“I want to become a facilitator”

We empower individuals to level up in one of the most in demand skills in the new world of work. In our Mischief Academy we train people to do what we do best; facilitate engaging, enjoyable and effective working sessions. Join our Open Course or request an in-company training.

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Mischief Projects

“This project needs Facilitation”

Hire our Facilitators and Learning designers to deliver workshops and programs, that boost your teams Creative Confidence and ability to collaborate effectively. Get ready to unlock potential, enjoy meetings and look forward to co-creative projects.

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Add Mischief

“I want to add energy to a group activity”

Any event or occasion that brings people together, we have our facilitation expertise at hand ready to boost engagement. We create formats for conferences, consult on workshop designs or send a facilitator your way to make your session enjoyable and effective for all involved!