Behavioural Persona

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Behavioural personas describe a target audience grouped by user behaviours rather than general demographic innovation. Closer to the way humans work and naturally gather / create communities and behave. In this sense it represents a group of users with similar ways of thinking and acting in relation to a service rather than a single individual. Behavioural personas also capture the underlying reasoning to engage with the service and what they are looking to get out of it.

30-45 min
Persona Worksheet


  • Explain what behavioral persona's are and why we are using them.

  • Hand out the persona worksheets and ask the participants to fill them in, in groups of 2-3.

  • Explain that this will be used as a foundation for the next co-creation workshop where you will be prototyping elements of their manifesto.

    Download your Behavioural Persona worksheet here.

Rosa Boon