3 action steps

We are working like little Mischief Minons to get a very special toolkit up and running for our network. Until then, you can check out this work-in-progress BETA version where we curate the best tools out there.


A short and democratic strategic planning tool, that helps groups and individuals to take action toward a desired change.


  • Stand around the map on the floor and look back at the history map, BHAG and challenges.

  • Explain to the participants that we are now setting some tangible steps to define how storytelling can help reach their goal or tackle challenges.

  • Considering the challenges, and the BHAG, invite them to individually write down three action steps they could take. Three actions which use storytelling to tackle a challenge or move towards the goal.

  • Use the 1, 2, 4, ALL method - moving from individual ideas, to pairs then group - to create one aligned list of 3 actions IBP can take with Storytelling to progress.

Rosa Boon