Aren't / Are / Want to be

We are working like little Mischief Minons to get a very special toolkit up and running for our network. Until then, you can check out this work-in-progress BETA version where we curate the best tools out there.


A collage and presentation activity, used to share and highlight different perspectives around the company positioning.

15 min
Flip-over paper, Magazines, Tape
Aren’t /Are/Want Canvas


  • Print out the Canvas on A2 paper.

  • Break participants into equal groups.

  • Use the 'aren't, are, want to be' Mischief Canvas.

  • Put a pile of magazines and glue in the middle of the room and invite the participants to scrapbook images, words, colors or anything that they associate with each section: what they ‘AREN'T’ as a company, what they ‘ARE’ and what they ‘WANT TO BE’.

  • Point out that this exercise should be done in silence!

  • Once the time is over and the flip-overs are filled up with compelling images, ask the group to present their posters back to the group. Use the listening louder tool to capture findings.

Download the Aren’t / Are / Want to be Canvas here.

Rosa Boon