Selective Hearing


An active listening exercise to make sure all relevant insights will be captured.

15 mins
Post its, pens, Flip over


  • Assign the 'listening audience' with a specific listening challenge. One or two people will listen for 'why' comments: descriptions which relate to the 'why' purpose of the company and capture these on a post-it while listening to the description. Others, will listen only for the 'how' related comments and the rest will listen for 'what' related comments. One comment per post-it.

  • When the poster team have finished their description, the listeners will share their post-its, showing first the why's they heard, then the hows, then the whats. Gather these post-its on three separate flip-over papers, one for why, how and what.

  • Use the outcomes as inspiration, content or 'ingredients' for the shared vision. Divide participants into three groups.

  • One group will articulate the why, another the how the other the what. Use the 140 character “twitter” format and attach 3 emojis to it.

Rosa Boon