Leading Groups


Fully immerse yourself in 3-days of all things facilitation; how to lead any group anywhere. Develop an unbeatable toolkit of techniques, frameworks and mindsets on how to design engaging meetings, lead hybrid teams and host interactive workshops or events - online, offline & hybrid.

  • 3 live sessions across 3 days
  • Certification Upon Completion
  • Online / Offline / Hybrid
  • Join our exclusive professional facilitators network

Intensive Training

Deep dive into an immersive 3-day experience, no distractions or other demands - pure Facilitation deep diving, with other inspiring practitioners

Experience based learning

We practice what we preach! You'll be learning by doing, in practice and feedback loops, complimented with a dynamic mix of theory, tasks, individual and group work and reflection.

Grow confidence

Through the training you'll fill up your personal toolkit with exercises, techniques and facilitation methods for learning groups with confidence. Core to our approach is empowering you to embrace your unique and authentic facilitation style - ready to adapt and react confidently to any scenario or group dynamic

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In this a 45-minute session, we share details about the Leading Groups course, answer any questions you might have, and hear about the experience of some of our course alumni.

What you will learn

Gain the skills to lead any group with confidence. From hosting, to guiding team collaboration or designing interactive and participatory sessions - you will level up your facilitation skills through live action practice and hands on application. As well as expert feedback, and personal reflection you get the benefit of peer learning and joining a passionate community of practice, with fellow professional facilitators.

Some of the key learnings include:

  • Group dynamic models

  • Design workshop, meetings and conversations

  • Engagement hacks

  • Challenging participants & scenarios

  • 60+ tools and templates for leading engaging meetings, workshops and events


Prep and design

From intentions and desired outcomes to seamless flows across different. platforms and set­ups, we'll tackle how to design, plan and craft engaging sessions that achieve tangible goals.

Your facilitation style

Unlock the full potential of your facilitation style and explore how to navigate various scenarios that may arise, whether it's online, offline or hybrid.

Day 3
Leading different groups and scenarios

Explore and understand group dynamics and learn how to facilitate smooth conversations and host interactive activities while keeping participants engaged.

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Course structure


You can join from all over the world. If you're based in Amsterdam, you can join all sessions at our mischievous workshop space in Amsterdam East.

See the details to the next upcoming courses in the dropdown menu below, and if you are keen for a longer training, explore the 8-week course here.


  • 3 days

  • 6 hours/day

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 10-4pm CET (incl. 1h break)

  • Optional 30 min coaching call

  • 1 Graduation Session

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Prices and Sign up

  • Freelancers

    € 1675

  • Company Employees

    € 2145

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7. May - 29. June 2024

Session 1-6 always from 6.30 - 9:00pm CET. Explore the 8-week course here

Session 1 (online): Kick-Off: 7.May

Session 2 (hybrid): First Facilitation: 14.May

Session 3 (online): Session Design: 21.May

Session 4 (hybrid): Host like a Pro: 28.May

Session 5 (hybrid): Group dynamics & virtual collabs: 4.June

Session 6 (online): Project mgmt & client brief: 11.June

Session 7 (online): Group coaching call: 18.,19., or 20.June, from 6:30-8:00pm

Session 8 (hybrid): Wrap up & client workshop: 29.June, from 11:30am - 4:00pm

21-23. August - Summer Course 2024

Intensive course, 3 days, hybrid, 10-4pm CET incl. 1h break.

Day 1: Prep & Design: 21.August

Day 2: Your Facilitation Style: 22.August

Day 3: Leading different groups & scenarios: 23.August

8. October - 30. November 2024

Session 1-6 always from 6.30 - 9:00pm CET

Session 1 (online): Kick-Off: 8.October

Session 2 (hybrid): First Facilitation: 15.October

Session 3 (online): Session Design: 22.October

Session 4 (hybrid): Host like a Pro: 29.October

Session 5 (hybrid): Group dynamics & virtual collabs: 5.November

Session 6 (online): Project mgmt & client brief: 12.November

Session 7 (online): Group coaching call: 19., 20., or 21.November from 6:30-8:00pm

Session 8 (hybrid): Wrap up & client workshop: 30. November from 11:30am - 4:00pm

Is this for me?

Who should take this course

Designed for Team Leaders, Project Managers, Service Designers, Educators or anyone who must help a group to work collaboratively.

Facilitation skills empower every role within a team, enhancing your ability to collaborate, communicate and to achieve specific outcomes.

Some of our alumni

How we do it

Experience based learning

Experiential Learning

We facilitate learning journeys where practical examples, first-hand experience, application and reflection are all part of the process.

Asynchronous Working & Learning

Do things on on your own schedule. Aside from the fixed live sessions, you choose when and how deep you'd like to dive into the provided contents.

Blended Learning

We provide you with a mix of different materials and formats. Each session is accompanied with an extensive Learning Kit including a range of contents from articles, videos and podcasts to exercises...

Expert Coaching

There’s continuous support througout the course and group coaching on session design and the final workshop delivery

Average course rating

Frequently asked questions

How many spots are there?

The course is open to a max. of 18 bright minds.

Who will be leading the course?

The course will be led by the Mischief Makers core team as well as other expert facilitators from the Mischief Makers Network. Like this you'll experience a diverse range of facilitation styles.

Do I need any previous experience?

Not necessarily. If you're new to the game but you've got a knack for it our door is open! However, this course is for people with an aptitude and passion for facilitation so previous experience is a plus (also, as a reference point for content within the course).

Who can sign-up?

All bright and mischievous minds may join! This course is open to all of you out there who are working (or are about to be working) in roles, which require leadership and people management. Whether you’re an educator, a project manager or team lead, and L&D manager,... if you're in positions where a group of people is looking to you for guidance or support: this one’s for you.

Can I join with my team / a group of people?

Absolutely! Joining this course with your colleague(s) will be a great asset; it can help you to reflect on facilitation within your specific context and support in implementing and introducing learnings. We do offer special deals for groups joining with 3+ people. Please reach out directly to hey@mischiefmakers.co or schedule a call below.

Can I request a course like this for my company?

You can indeed! We offer tailor-made in-house facilitation training. Please reach out directly to hey@mischiefmakers.co and we'll be happy to explore how we can bring this training to you and your team.

I need help with fees. How can I apply for a scholarship?

One of our core values is and always has been accessibility, we believe that this new way of working (hybrid!) should be available to everybody. With that in mind, we have two scholarship spaces available so if you are out there and would like to take the course, all you need to do is send a motivational letter to hey@mischiefmakers.co

Once again though, what do you mean by facilitation?

The dry definition: "Facilitation is a process that trainers, team builders, meeting leaders, managers and communicators use to add content, process and structure to meet the needs of an individual, group or team. In an overall description, facilitation is used to help a group of people to achieve their goal, their reason for holding the meeting."
The Mischief definition: "Empowering."

How can I mess this up?

By not applying for this course.

Meet your facilitators

The course is led by the Mischief Makers dream team, sharing their facilitation experience from a broad range of client meetings, workshops, and events.

Katharina Jacobi

Program Lead / Facilitator

She’s a curious mind combining creativity with structure; always inviting people in, taking care that they’re included and bringing warm friendly vibes.

Mischief Expert Facilitators


To experience different facilitation styles you’ll be trained by a diverse range of facilitation experts throughout the program.