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Mischief Makers is a facilitation agency focused on collaborative working and the power of creativity. We design workshops and programs that shake things up to unlock potential.

You can hire our trainers to facilitate a session for your company, or let us design and facilitate a workshop tailored to your unique needs!

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Mischief Workshops

We deliver workshops around Creativity and Collaborative working for companies, schools and training programmes. You've heard the buzz around 'Design Sprints' 'Lean Methodology' & 'Design Thinking', but the sessions that really make the magic happen are specially tailored workshops. We carefully select the most useful tools from different methods, with our own blend of playful Mischief, to unlock every ounce of your potential.  

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Mischief Facilitation

As well as designing and facilitating our own tailored workshops, we deliver training and content for student courses, accelerators and professional development programmes. Along with a portfolio of content to share around Cultivating Creativity and the future of work; we are honed in the art of creating engaging and dynamic learning environments. We've stomped the stage with groups of all sizes, from McKinsey to tech festivals, from board executives, to design students. 


Mischief Courses

We have over a decade of experience delivering sessions for some of the world's leading institutions from Hyper Island to Koas Pilots to McKinsey. Which means we’ve developed a covetable toolbox full of tricks of the trade, and some juicy industry insights. We aren't interested in only delivering this content to organizations but to lone ranger trailblazers too. Our courses are for Individuals with insatiable curiosity and drive who want to level up and kick ass.  Wether you want to learn how to Make Mischief yourself and train in facilitation, you want to hone your personal brand or you just want to Get Shit Done, these are for you, Mischief Maker.