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Mischief Makers Amsterdam. Workshops. Creative Confidence. Collaborative working. Team development.


What We Do

Mischief Makers is a facilitation agency focused on collaborative working and the power of creativity. We design workshops and programs that shake things up to unlock potential. You can hire our trainers to facilitate a session for your company, or let us design and facilitate a workshop tailored to your unique needs!


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Mischief Workshops

We deliver both long term programmes and shorter workshop sessions around the Power of Creativity, Collaborative working and Interactive Play, as trainers, experts and most importantly - facilitators. This includes creating engaging and dynamic learning environments to jet fuel creative processes and unlocking potential to bring individuals, teams and scholars to their next level.

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Mischief Academy

We design and programme curriculums and learning journeys for individuals, teams and scholars. Centered around experience based learning, we have a proven track record for boosting engagement and participation in many different programmes; from student courses to accelerators, professional development and our very own facilitation course.


Mischief Conference

We create engaging conference formats to ensure valuable connections and fun matchmaking all around the event setup. This ranges from event moderation, to facilitation training for hosts and key-notes on creative confidence or collaborative play. To make the most of this, we like to design visible and tangible tools like our Round Table Top which ensure interaction and valuable conversation.