Scrum // Agile Working // Workshop Design // Facilitation

With our dream team partner Lab Room we have a range of workshops, that you can peruse here in our Workshop & Chill guide. WWF joined our Mischief Makers Lab Room for a Team Kick off, as part of the Culture Series.

The Challenge

WWF Netherlands have adopted the Agile way of working, embracing Scrum methodology into their company structure, strategy and process. They've enlisted our help to kick of  Squads in their collaborative team process. This includes creating an aligned purpose, vision and mission, prioritising their Epics Tasks and creating a backlog of tasks. Along with laying a solid foundation for the team culture and ways of working going forward.


Mischief Made

Together we crafted a bespoke Project Point of Departure. The team agreed upon their milestones, roles, rules, roadmap and explored what success looked like for them. By investing time and energy in co-creating their squad mission they were able to easily plot their next few months and understand where and how to focus their energy in moving their projects forward. We facilitated the day, but they were the experts - it was our job to unlock the potential within the team and guide their conversations into constructive decisions.  

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