The heart and soul of our company is a skilled and multinational team of Facilitators, Learning Designers, Creatives, Strategists and Project Managers. Spread across the world, our team collaborates in-person, online and hybrid to ensure our renowned Mischief Quality is brought to all of our clients - such as: 

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Mischievous Work

Mischief Makers is a future of work agency, empowering organizations & professionals to successfully collaborate in the new world of work. Our client portfolio is broad and global- including NGO's, multinational corporations and startups, from Greenpeace, Spotify and Tech For All - to Worldbank, Patagonia and the UAE Government.

At the very core of our work is humanness, engagement and a passion to make the world of work a better place. Working with us, wherever you are, means you'll experience a dynamic environment while supporting organizations to transform their culture and ways of working.

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The Mischief Makers community is a vibrant and shared space for Facilitators to grow and develop their group-leading superpowers with fellow practitioners. A cozy space, with support system vibes where you can warm your hand by the facilitation fire.

We gather to boost our personal and collective potential, so every Mischief Maker can go out there and make a difference.