We are Mischief Makers

Mischief Makers is a future of work agency, empowering organizations & professionals to successfully collaborate in the new world of work. We help you transform your culture and ways of working; through upskilling, facilitation, and leveling up your offsites, programs and events.


Every participant feeling active, included, happy to interact and contribute


Creating a compelling, enjoyable atmosphere which people carry forward after

Smooth running

Crafting a seamless experience flow, without confusion or fuss.

*Mischief: boldness, roguery, creativity, play, je ne sais quoi, collaboration and co-creation, funny business

Who's making this mischief?

Core Mischief Makers

Our Mischief Makers are a skilled and multinational team of Facilitators, Learning Designers, Creatives, Strategists and Project Managers. They’re the heart and soul of our company, ensuring our renowned Mischief Quality and smooth running across every project.

Based on your proposal, we can source the brightest minds from our rich network of heavy weight Facilitators around the globe. They are masters in the art of designing and hosting gatherings and with wide set of skills and specialties in their portfolios, they're ready to unlock your people and projects full potential.

Emily Hinks

CEO & Founder

A trailblazer in progressive education and renowned for bringing energy, active participation and the warmest of smiles to every room. She loves a good bad joke.



Director of Canada Chapter & Associate Facilitator

They are able to constantly adapt to the moment and have a deep emotional intelligence and authenticity that makes them a great facilitator.

Lete Hulscher

COO & Co-Founder

With an eye for detail and a relentless energy Lete transforms & gatherings into smooth experiences. In true mischief spirit she always has a good story to tell.


Associate Facilitator

Ophelie Dubois

Lead Experience Designer & Facilitator

A jack of all trades with a passion for innovation, sustainability and multi-cultural exchange; her ready-to-go attitude is unbeatable.



Associate Facilitator

Saskia Herrmann

Strategy Lead

Not afraid to throw herself into a challenge, Saskia’s hands-on way of working and empathy shape new approaches and experiences in a twinkling.



Associate Facilitator


Associate Facilitator & Board Member

Katharina Jacobi

Head of Communications, & Facilitator

A curious mind combining creativity with structure; always inviting people in, taking care that they’re included and bringing warm friendly vibes.


Associate Facilitator

Maria Erlandsson

Design Lead

An explorer at heart, Maria is very passionate about visual expression & storytelling and how both can be mixed to make things easier to understand.

Kunle Oluwadare

UX Design Collaborator


Associate Facilitator

Lauren Jeongah Kim

Organisational Developer Collaborator


Associate Facilitator


Associate Facilitator


Associate Facilitator


Associate Facilitator


Associate Facilitator


Associate Facilitator


Associate Facilitator

Susan Lucci

Associate Facilitator


Associate Facilitator

Merle Freeke

Business Director & Facilitator

Combines her love for innovation, background in business, and entrepreneurial vibes to stir the ship.


Associate Facilitator


Associate Facilitator


Associate Facilitator


Associate Facilitator

Do you have what it takes to become part of our core team of
Mischief Makers, or join our Community of Practice?

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Mischief x Social Impact

At Mischief Makers, we believe facilitation can be a powerful driver for change. Skilled Facilitators enable inclusive and effective collaboration, they empower people to do their best work.

We actively create space and invest resources into work focused on positively impacting people and the planet, and 'for good' projects.

We dedicated an arm of Mischief Makers dedicated to social impact, connecting NGOs and grassroots organisations with facilitation expertise, providing free educational resources and workshops to underfunded organisations, and empowering marginalised talent with growth and development opportunities.

Join our community of practice: for professional facilitators

The Mischief Makers community is a vibrant and shared space for Facilitators to grow and develop their group-leading superpowers with fellow practitioners. A cozy space, with support system vibes where you can warm your hand by the facilitation fire.

We gather to boost our personal and collective potential, so every Mischief Maker can go out there and make a difference.

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