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What we do








Tailor made workshops catered around your unique needs; focusing on collaborative working and the power of creativity. Tell us what’s up (or down or all around*) and we’ll create a workshop just for you. We'll bring the post-its, you bring the challenge. Or you can click the button below for a list of some of the workshops we offer.

The Power of Creativity
Tools and techniques to help individuals and teams unlock their creative potential, craft insight driven ideas and get to grips with different design & innovation methodologies.


Collaborative Working
Team development, group dynamics - ways of communicating, collaborating and decision making. Introducing you to the skills, language & environment you need to become the happiest, strongest and most effective team.

Also working on...


The Creative Industry mentorship project; making our industry more accessible and diverse by supporting every Route to success. We're connecting those who have made it, with those who are on their way.


A personal project, 48 hr creative lock in. At Get Shit Done, we borrow from the hackathon format using just one weekend in a remote location to transform your budding side project into your end goal. 

*Do you need training in Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, or Co-creation? Help with an idea or a project your stuck on? Some inspiration? Help working collaboratively with clients? A workshop for a conference or event?  A session for your school?  Hit, us, up!