We knew you had it in you, Mischief Maker!


Mischief Makers is a Facilitation Agency bringing energy and enjoyment to working and learning. We transform meetings, workshops, programs and conferences into engaging, interactive and meaningful experiences.




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Mischief Academy

“I want to become a facilitator”

We empower individuals to level up in one of the most in demand skills in the new world of work. In our Mischief Academy we train people to do what we do best; facilitate engaging, enjoyable and effective working sessions. Join our Open Course or request an in-company training.

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Mischief Projects

“My project needs Facilitation”

Hire our Facilitators and Learning designers to deliver workshops and programs, that boost your teams Creative Confidence and ability to collaborate effectively. Get ready to unlock potential, enjoy meetings and look forward to co-creative projects.

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Add Mischief

“I want to add energy to our group activity”

Any event or occasion that brings people together, we have our facilitation expertise at hand ready to boost engagement. We create formats for conferences, consult on workshop designs or send a facilitator your way to make your session enjoyable and effective for all involved!


Mischievous Clients



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Your Challenge

You’re bringing people together to work towards a goal - and you’re looking for Facilitation support to make it engaging, effective and enjoyable for all involved.

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The Guidelines

We’ll help you define the intention and desired outcomes for your session. Why are you bringing people together? What do you want to achieve by the end?


Mischief Delivery

Armed with your intention and desired outcome Mischief Makers can: Consult on your session 🔎. Co-create a workshop or program for you ✍️, or Facilitate your project or occasion 🤙.




Bringing Human Centered design into the heart of the UAE Government 🙌

The program Design Gov is an initiative by the UAE Government, created to “Connect those who serve to the people they serve.” By bringing Human Centred Design into the heart of the government they're empowering their leaders to meet the needs of their people - utilising the power of Creativity and co-creation.

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Introducing the power of human centered design into the heart of the United Arab Emirates Government embedding new creative skills and mindsets for the future.

Desired Outcomes

  • Equipping participants with mindsets, skill sets and tools of human centred design
  • Understanding the value of collaboration, empathy and creative confidence.
  • Changing ways of thinking, opening up & stretching personally

What we did

In the two-week program 38 Chief Design Officers (from 25 different local and federal entities) of the UAE government took a deep dive into human centered design. As part of the ATÖLYE collaborator network Mischief Makers joined IDEO, Palmwood and DSIL to facilitate this immersive program. Mischief were invited to Facilitate one of the two cohorts, and to weave our expertise into the program to boost interaction and engagement.

Sparking connection & impact at TNW Conference

Ever taken action around societal impact on a tech conference? We did ⚡️. Together with 25 of our Mischief Facilitators we engaged 240 global policy makers, royals and Industry thought leaders in shaping future statements through our custom made interactive round table formats.

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Make the most out of this unique opportunity, having so many thought-leaders in one room working together. Ensure its effective, productive and enjoyable time well spent.

Desired Outcomes

  • Capturing tangible takeaways based on the key topics per theme
  • Sharing commitments or promises that can be taken forward
  • Connecting thought leaders, breaking the ice and making the way for genuinely useful networking

What we did

Each thought leader was welcomed to their set round-table, organised by TNWX Future Thinking themes; offering an intimate setting to bounce ideas thoughts and raise questions amongst selected peers. The tables were hosted by a fabulous team of facilitators from the Mischief Makers Collaborator Network. Through a mischievous training beforehand they were equipped with tips and tricks empowering them to deliver the most engaging and inspiring round table experience for their attendees. In customized formats including; The Darkside brainstorm, Thinking Hats debate and Scale perception mapping, participants shared their insights and co-created ideas together around selected themes. Together they debated on how to shape the future and shared their outcomes with the larger community.


Training talent to Facilitate the new way 💪

We love making Mischief with our clients, but the true magic lies in empowering others to get to grips with this new way of working, using the power of facilitation to spread Mischief far and wide 🚀

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Unlock the full facilitation potential of participants, giving them confidence to develop their unique facilitation style.

Desired Outcomes

  • finding a personal, unique facilitation style
  • understanding group dynamics
  • selecting, applying and adapting tools
  • leading a room and playing with the energy of the group
  • managing a session before, during and after

What we did

In a 6 week course in ‘the art of facilitation’ participants don’t only explore the fundamentals of building and leading interactive experiences, and fill their pockets with tools and techniques - it empowers them to discover and enhance their unique facilitation style. Lead by mischievous facilitation experts the multidisciplinary group learns, reflects and grows together by exploring a range of models, theories and exercises that empower them to navigate different situations. How is a session setup from start to finish? How do you make sure that the exercises have an impact? How to read and manage the energy of a group? On their journey participants apply their learnings by designing workshops, building and testing their own toolkits and receive constructive, personal feedback and define their own facilitation style . The course is wrapped-up with a day full of reflection, feedback and most importantly: facilitating a workshop for a real client.

To date we have 100+ Facilitation Course graduates, with both upcoming open courses, and bespoke company programs, including Accenture, Vodafone and the UAE Government.