Mischief Mantra: Don't hate...

Company mantras can create focus, inspiration and a shared language for your team. At Mischief we started off with one of our favourite invented hashtags #donthate-facilitate portraying our love for training and unlocking facilitative superpowers in individuals all over the world. 

Brainstorm with your team on what your team or company mantra can be. Make it accessible, meaningful and memorable for your team and think of a way to bring it to life. A big poster, a screensaver or stickers?

Don’t be afraid to iterate your mantra! #donthate-iterate 😉 At Mischief each quarter we choose a different mantra portraying our company focus and mindset for that specific timeframe. So far we’ve had multiple pass by: #donthate-iterate, #donthate-collaborate and #donthate-delegate.

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In our hybrid learning experience you’ll learn many more facilitation tools and techniques to design workshops, host events and manage meetings both online and offline. Boost your professional value with one of the most in demand skills for the new world of work- and enjoy yourself while doing it.