Offsite Expert Panel: Three Quick Insights

Offsites can address challenges in distributed work, provide skill development opportunities, and create memorable experiences that strengthen team cohesion. Together with experts in the field, we hosted a live panel discussing 'Offsites, can you afford not to?', and we've summarized the top three insights from the event down below.

  1. Offsites offer unique opportunities for teams to dive into discussions, creatively explore ideas, tackle critical challenges, and experience enhanced problem-solving and growth.

  2. The power of face-to-face interactions enhances non-verbal cues and fosters empathy. This promotes genuine connections that can be challenging to achieve in a distributed (and therefore hybrid) workforce.

  3. By thoughtfully integrating work and play, Offsites become more than gatherings; they become catalysts for fostering cohesive, inspired, and motivated groups.

For a quick summary of the best ingredients for a successful Offsite - watch this clip featuring the experts Regina Endres (Spotify), Tom Goulooze (WeTransfer), Rani Pooran (IFC, International Finance Corporation), Johannes Hoyos (Campfire Company) and our Founder & CEO Emily Hinks.

If you are looking for support with your Offsite or team day; check our our “Ultimate offsite checklist” miro template, or reach out to let us help you.


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