• Time

    5-10 mins
  • Level

    2 (out of 5)

A lovely human creative one, grab a pen and paper and play different rounds of drawing & sharing to the camera.


  1. Tell people to grab a pen and paper (marker pens are easiest to see).

  2. Give an instruction of what to draw. Our fave is ‘close your eyes and draw a giraffe’. You can also try: draw your hobby, a portrait of someone here, a gift for someone here, your most used emoji or something related to the topic your session is about.

  3. Have people hold their drawings up to the camera, and ask a few people to tell a little about their drawing.

  4. Continue for as many rounds as you like. We usually go for about 3-4.

  5. You can have the person you chose to talk about their drawing, come up with the idea for the next drawing round.

Materials // Remarks

  • Pen, paper, video

  • Make sure your on gallery mode so everyone can see each other

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