Dress Up!


  • Time

    5-10 mins
  • Level

    3 (out of 5)

Ain't no party like a costume party! A super quick break, give people 1-min to bring back the best costume.


  1. Bring everyone into gallery view, and give the following instructions:

  2. When you say ‘GO’ everyone will have 1-min to find an awesome costume.

  3. Before you go, turn cameras off. 

  4. After 1-min, count to three and turn your cameras on at the same time for the big reveal.

  5. Enjoy checking out peoples costumes. Call out a few - the more makeshift the better and choose a winner.

Materials // Remarks

This is a level 3, because not all groups will be immediately comfy with looking silly together. Intro it in the right way, and optionally role model by showing your own costume on screen beforehand.

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