I spy


This is an absolute classic! One person ‘spies’ something and the others guess what the thing is. This works really well no matter if you are online, offline or with hybrid groups.


  1. Bring everyone in the room to sit in front of the screen. Using gallery mode for the online participants, tell them you’ll play the first round.

  2. Say: “I spy, with my little eye something that is…” and add one item that you spot in one of the rooms (i.e.…red / begins with letter B / round / wooden). Note: it can be anything in the background of anyone's video.

  3. People take turns to guess what it could be.

  4. The person who guesses correctly wins, and becomes ‘the spy’ for the next round.

  5. Continue for as many rounds as you like.

As shown below, this can also be done in a fully online group, or by removing the screens and doing with groups in-person.

Materials // Remarks

If some people don’t / can’t have their camera on, no worries - they can still guess.

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