Podcast Collection

Inspiration can hide in the strangest of places - and in some obvious and brilliant places too. At Mischief HQ we can nottt get enough of these podcasts, some for straight up facilitation inspiration and some just for good fun (but if you keep your eyes and ears open Mischief Maker, you’ll find 💎gems💎 in all of them).

Here we go:

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Together Apart - Priya Parker: The godmother of Facilitation Priya (author of best selling book ‘The Art of Gathering’) paves the way in this podcast, taking you through her thinking and process around translating offline experience into online gatherings.

  • 🧠 Ted Radio Hour - NPR: You’ll literally come away after every episode feeling noticeably smarter. They bring together a collection of TedTalks around a theme, interviewing the speakers. 3 of our faves are: Thinking Slow, Power of Play and Where ideas come from.

  • 🕵️‍♀️ Workshops.work - Myriam Hadnes: A Dutch Facilitation big game, Myriam interviews global facilitators to uncover their magic ingredient to make workshop work.

  • 👰 Shagged Married Annoyed: It’s all well and good ‘learning for life’ and feeding our brains - but sometimes we need to switch off or haive some light relief. This is THE one for a light, if sometimes filthy, listen. A northern English comedian and his wife tease each other, discuss life and share embarrassing stories from the public

  • ✨ Curiosity Daily: Tiny little nuggets of knowledge and intrigue, they’re super short and leave you feeling wiser. The mental equivalent of doing 20 star jumps when you don’t have time to go to the gym

  • 🧾 The Receipts Podcast: Down to earth, honest and hilarious chat #nofilter on anything from relationships and situationships to race and religion and everyday life experiences - perfect for stretching and challenging status quo thinking

  • 👶 Grownups read things they wrote as kids Sometimes so funny, you’ll have to stop riding your bike because you’re laughing too hard. An excellent example of how such a simple format can bring endless delight. A masterclass in vulnerability and a great one for an insight into all corners of human.

  • 💩 Sentimental garbage Caroline O’Donoghue critiques fabulous if not trashy films, books and series - stuff not taken as seriously as it should be, see our next recommendations for a clue as to why we love this…


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