Selective Hearing


  • Time

    15 mins

An active listening exercise to make sure all relevant insights will be captured.


  1. Assign the 'listening audience' with a specific listening challenge. One or two people will listen for 'why' comments: descriptions which relate to the 'why' purpose of the company and capture these on a post-it while listening to the description. Others, will listen only for the 'how' related comments and the rest will listen for 'what' related comments. One comment per post-it.

  2. When the poster team have finished their description, the listeners will share their post-its, showing first the why's they heard, then the hows, then the whats. Gather these post-its on three separate flip-over papers, one for why, how and what.

  3. Use the outcomes as inspiration, content or 'ingredients' for the shared vision. Divide participants into three groups.

  4. One group will articulate the why, another the how the other the what. Use the 140 character “twitter” format and attach 3 emojis to it.

Materials // Remarks

  • Post its, pens, Flip over

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