Self limiting beliefs


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There isn’t one way to facilitate. It’s important to develop a personal, authentic and therefore impactful craft of your own while staying open for experimentation.

Throughout life, you have been given certain roles by yourself or by others. This could have been professional roles such as: manager, consultant or facilitator yet also personal roles such as: entertainer, adventurer, wall flower, or tech newbe.

We see these roles as true and familiar - behaving in a different way might even feel like betrayal. These beliefs can function positively but they can also limit ourselves. Example: a wallflower wouldn’t take the stage that easily and raise his or her voice. It's just not there thing, ok?! But maybe, as they grow, it could be.

We encourage you to challenge those self-limiting beliefs and expand your (facilitative) superpowers.


  1. Challenge your own facilitation style by experimenting with different approaches.

  2. You’re normally not fond of doing silly energisers in front of a group? Give it a shot and reflect after.

  3. You're normally the fun team leader, who avoids conflict? Try leaning in to the next one that arises and help people navigate through tense moments.

👉 How did it go? How did it make you feel? How did the crowd respond? If the answer is ‘great!’ on all of these, you might want to reconsider your initial thoughts, don’t make them limit your actions!

Here are some reflection questions to challenge your self-limiting beliefs:

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It’s a process, don’t get discouraged if it didn’t work out the first time. It’s not a confirmation, it’s your first step forward.

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