Aren't / Are / Want to be


  • Time

    15 mins

A collage and presentation activity, used to share and highlight different perspectives around the company positioning.


  1. Print out the Canvas on A2 paper.

  2. Break participants into equal groups.

  3. Use the 'aren't, are, want to be' Mischief Canvas.

  4. Put a pile of magazines and glue in the middle of the room and invite the participants to scrapbook images, words, colors or anything that they associate with each section: what they ‘AREN'T’ as a company, what they ‘ARE’ and what they ‘WANT TO BE’.

  5. Point out that this exercise should be done in silence!

  6. Once the time is over and the flip-overs are filled up with compelling images, ask the group to present their posters back to the group. Use the listening louder tool to capture findings.

Materials // Remarks

  • Flip-over paper, Magazines, Tape

  • Aren’t/Are/Want Canvas

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