Define your challenges


  • Time

    15-30 min

Define your challenge is an exercise which allows teams to rapidly and collectively articulate - then prioritise key challenges. It’s based on intuitive feeling rather than over-thinking. A quick decision maker! It is a good exercise to use to initiate reflection and dialogue around common challenges.


  • Ask the participants to write down 10 biggest challenges for their company. One per post-it.

  • Next, tell them to pick the least important post-it and throw it away. Literally scrunch it up and chuck it aside - the mess is part of the magic. Give only 10 to 30 seconds to choose - bring in the feeling of time pressure to stop overthinking.

🌐 If you’re working online you can either have them delete these post-its, or move them into a designated ‘bin area’ in your online whiteboard. 

  • Continue this, having them throw away the one or two least important each round until you only have 1 or 2 post-its left (depending on your preference).

  • Invite the participants one by one to put their post-it on the wall (or in a selected area of your online whiteboard) speaking it out-loud and clustering it as they do so.

  • Here you should see a 'heat-map', patterns and collectives of the most common or connected challenges. Lead a reflective discussion on this, inviting the group to align on the most pressing challenge.

  • You can either leave it here, or move directly into a follow on activity where you facilitate the group in finding solutions or mapping next steps.

Materials // Remarks

  • Post-its, pens

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