Check the Participants


  • Time

    5-10 mins
  • Level

    3 (out of 5)

As a facilitator, it’s important to check in with your participants and their energy levels. If you’re sensing people are getting disengaged or need a new impuls use a temperature check to see where they are at. 


There are a couple of minor interactions you can use as temperature check with your participants: 

  • Ask them questions such as: Are you still with me? Got it? Makes sense? Let participants respond with either a thumb up in camera (or emoji) 👍 or ask them to go off mute and yell something like Ayyyy! or Yeahhh. 📣

  • Offer them a break ☕️

  • Let them select an energizer (or select one yourself) ⚡️

  • Use scales to get their input ⚖️

  • Ask them to put something in chat (yes, no, a GIF) 💬

  • Let them stand up or grab an object to get them active 🏃‍♀️

  • Speak things out loud: I am sensing some uncertainty/ confusion/tension; if needed use the stinky fish exercise. 🗣

  • Refer back to the goal of the session (i.e.IDOARRT); do you think we’re still working towards our desired outcome? 📆

  • Launch a poll (i.e. with Mentimeter, Zoom polls, Kahoot, Slido…). 📊

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