Emoji Energizer


  • Time

    5-10 mins
  • Level

    1 (out of 5)

Energize your group and let people get creative in this playful exercise: participants mimic a chosen emoji! 🙌⚡️


  1. Facilitator: Present an emoji you want participants to copy with their own face and/or body.
    - Online: you can either type the emoji in the chat or use reaction’ tool on the bottom right side of Zoom meeting
    - Offline: present emoji on screen (you can use a page like getemoji to select them)

  2. Participants: Mimic the chosen emoji as good as possible!

  3. Facilitator: choose who did best and let them select the next emoji to be embodied.

  4. Go on until everyone has selected an emoji or you feel energized enough!

  • Our favourites: 💃 🦸 🥺🥳 👻

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