Learnings from running our Facilitation Course

We're currently like...

... where did the time go?

It feels like a blink of an eye since we launched our very first Facilitation Course in September 2018. We're proud to say that the other week our last mob of mischievous facilitators graduated from our Facilitation Course, from a range of backgrounds and professions. 🤩

It's exciting to see how their skills are truly making an impact within their teams, projects and personal development; we love following each and every journey. 💛

Looking back...

...we've definitely had some learnings and turning points. Here are the top 3 moments that shaped the course and how we lead it:

⭐️ Bringing collaborators on board: letting go of our core team leading each and every session and starting to showcase different facilitation styles

⭐️ Covid and shifting to fully online: translating and switching around exercises to work/ have the same impact online #growthmindset

⭐️ Related to the above; making the decision to continue hosting the course hybridly for 2 reasons:

  • staying well ahead fo the curve and make sure all our students are fully equipped with hands on experience, skills and practice in leading online, offline and a hybrid mix of the 2.

  • we believe facilitation is a skill that can make the world a better place, and we want to reach far and wide with this. It being possible for people to follow the course fully online allowed us to reach people across the globe and spread the impact fueled by facilitation.

Come on a trip down memory lane with us 👇

Also, casual & proud side note: we're maintaining a steady NPS score of 9.1, standing for an excellent training experience. 😊

Big shoutout to all of you Mischief Makers out there! We love leading this course because of all of you bringing your open minds, great energy and drive to make gatherings more impactful. 💯

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