Festive Facilitation: present mash-up!


  • Time

    10-20 mins
  • Level

    2 (out of 5)

This one is a simple yet efficient exercise for collaborative ideation and getting inspired to think in unexpected directions by mashing up different elements.

In light of the Christmas season; we gave this one a festive twist and are presenting you here a mischievous way to explore ideas for original gifts; fitting different budgets and preferences.


Stage 1

Start off by defining three main categories; which will serve as criteria for your ideas. For the purpose of coming up original present ideas we suggest the following areas, but feel free to adjust to your own brainstorming needs.

  • Needs/wants/interests/hobbies (i.e. running, 90’s music, veganism, travel etc.)

  • Types of presents (i.e. vouchers, an experience, photos, homemade etc.)

  • Budget (i.e. 0€, 5-15€, 12-40€, 50-100€, …)

Go through each category and collect as many ideas/ elements per section on separate post it notes. Set a timer for approx 3 to a 4 min per round to keep things dynamic and fast-paced.

Stage 2

Now the mash-up fun begins! Randomly pick one post it from each of the three sections and combine them intro a creative and fun present idea.

Materials // Remarks

🌐Online: prepare an online a whiteboard (i.e. MURAL / Miro)

🏡Offline: get some sticky notes and markers ready. Some space on a table will work just as well as an empty wall.

When using this one in a group; let participants speak elements out loud in while going through each category (stage 1)


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