Team onboarding: high five me - miro template


  • Time

    15-60 mins
  • Level

    3 (out of 5)

In this exercise members of a team or group describe themselves based on 5 areas. This is a tool that can serve you on many levels: use for new team members to introduce themselves as well as get acquainted with the rest of the team’s habits and preferences. Build empathy & stronger bonds, and foster more efficient collaboration.



Introduce the exercise and its purpose. You can use this one to get to know each member in the team, explore preferred ways of working, strengths, weaknesses and foster openness and vulnerability. Explain the meaning of each finger to the group:

  • Thumb - strengths: key strengths you’re bringing to the team; things you’re good at; things you feel confident and comfortable with

  • Index finger - bad habits: any bad habits that might impact the team; negative behaviour patterns (i.e. procrastination, being late,…)

  • Middle finger - annoys me: things that irritate and upset you, that can influence collaboration and the team should be aware about

  • Ring finger - I value: things you appreciate and value and can enhance collaboration

  • Pinky - makes me feel small: things or situations that make you feel insecure or uncomfortable within a team

  • Palm - being open: anything that feels important/ good to share with the team. This can be personal things affecting you/ your work (i.e. a family member is currently not doing well, being pregnant, being dyslexic, suffering from anxiety…)


  • Give all participants time to fill in their High Five’s (check Facilitator note below*).

  • Let participants present their High Five by walking the rest of the group through each category/finger.


  • In the end of the presentation, give room for clarifying questions by other participants.

  • Let the group reflect on the exercise: how was this for you? How will this help you in your future collaboration with one another? (optional)

Land: thank everyone for sharing and being open about themselves. Remind the group of keeping these habits, traits and preferences in mind when collaborating with one another.

High Five me  - Mischief Makers

Materials // Remarks

You can facilitate this exercise in both, offline and online spaces.
👥 Offline: A3 paper, sticky notes, markers - participants draw their hands on a large piece of paper and add their behaviours and preferences with post-it notes or directly onto the paper.

🌐 Online: use our Miro Template to guide your team through the exercise: example hands are already mapped out, so your team can easily fill in their personal notes.


  • Let participants fill in their High Five in their own time and let them come prepared to the session.

  • Make sure to find a place to capture and save each team member’s High Five so they can serve as a reference for the future.

  • Role model openness and vulnerability by sharing your High Five (or an example).


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