Facilitator Passport


  • Time

    30-60 mins
  • Group size

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    1 (out of 5)

The Facilitator Passport is a tool for individuals and teams to self-assess and their facilitation knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSA). All three parts shape who you are and how you show up as a facilitator in practice.

We believe in owning your own learning journey. This is why we developed this tool to provide a comprehensive yet accessible way of being on top of your development.


  1. As a group, go through the explanation of the passport on down below. You can also work on this in the 'Miroverse' where you can easily duplicate the template, and fill in your details.

  2. Take 5 minutes individually, pick an empty passport, add your name, number of workshops run, and your specialty/specialties.

  3. Take another 10 minutes individually for your KSA self-assessment and to set your own personal goals. The example passport shows examples for personal goals linked to the KSAs for to check out as starting point.

  4. One after the other presents their passport to the rest of the group. Take some minutes after each presentation for clarifying questions from other team members.

  5. Reflect on the exercise after all presentations. How was this for you? How can you use this passport to own your facilitation learning journey?

Materials // Remarks

You can duplicate and use the Miroverse template to make this easy for you and your team.


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