Love Rain


  • Time

    10-20 mins
  • Group size

  • Location

    In person / Online
  • Level

    2 (out of 5)

Love Rain is an uplifting and heart-warming activity that fosters a positive and supportive atmosphere among participants. It's a perfect exercise to boost morale and spread appreciation in any workshop, event, or meeting.


  1. Each person gets a piece of paper taped to their back.

  2. Have everyone walk about the room - adding compliments / appreciations on people's paper (either writing directly on the paper or using post-its).

  3. Let this go on until everyone has a couple of compliments on the paper on their back; encourage people to make sure that everyone receives some love.

  4. Gather people in a circle and have them remove their paper and read their appreciations.

  5. Debrief: hear from a couple of people, who would like to share the favourite thing appreciation received. You can also ask the group in general how this exercise went for them and how they feel. Landing with the power of appreciation and the importance of showing it.

Online version:

You can host this exercise online, using a digital whiteboard (i.e. on Miro), on which each participant has their dedicated space.

  • Prepare the board with the participants names or ask them to fill it in on the spot.

  • Let people add their appreciations on digital post-it notes.


Ask everyone to upload a picture of themselves to make it more personal. You can also decorate the whiteboard further, to make the experience more engaging.

Mischievous approach Love Rain Connection exercise teambuilding bonding

Materials // Remarks

  • A4 paper, masking tape

  • Enough pens/markers (and post-it notes) available for participants to write their compliments

  • Play music during the exercise to inject upbeat energy. When turning off the music, it also helps to indicate that the time is up and get the groups attention.


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