Neurodiverse leadership - ADHD cheat sheet

Embracing Neurodiversity: A Cheat sheet taking you from understanding to celebrating.

Within the dynamic fabric of the modern workplace, diversity and inclusion aren't just ideals; they form the bedrock of innovative progress, sparking a tapestry of fresh ideas and perspectives. Today, we’re inviting you to join us for an exploration of neurodiversity—a journey that goes beyond recognition to true celebration.

At the start of this venture, we’re providing a powerful resource: the "ADHD Cheat Sheet" curated by our mischievous founder Emily Hinks. In 2022, she was featured among the Top 50 most influential Neurodiverse Leaders, so without further ado…


The cheat sheet is a curation of resources to understand, work with and empower neurodiversity in teams. Based on Emily's personal experiences navigating ADHD and dyslexia, it was prompted and crafted as part of our collaboration with Spotify around ‘Neurodiverse Leadership’. Enjoy this treasure trove of wisdom, and window into the untapped potential of unique minds.

What you’ll find in the ADHD Cheat Sheet:

  • ADHD Assessment & Diagnosis: Explore self-assessment tools and resources to gain early insights into ADHD.

  • Access to Work Scheme: Learn about government schemes and funding in the UK supporting disabilities in the workplace, including access to work grants.

  • Online Resources: Discover recommended online resources, from articles on “Wired Differently” to TikTok accounts and podcasts.

  • ADHD Strategies: Dive into practical strategies such as ‘Body Doubling’, ‘Dopamine Menu’, ‘Low Carb-High Protein’ morning diet, fake deadlines, and ‘brain fog’ supplements.

  • Handy Tools: Explore tools that help with day-to-day, both online and in real life, there is so much at hand offering a helping hand with organising, prioritisation, spelling and so much more.

  • Inclusive Meeting & Collaboration Techniques: Uncover effective techniques that support your unique ways of communicating and working together.

  • Questions & Answers : Emily shares valuable insights collected over the years, managing ADHD without medication, dealing with ADHD-related challenges, and maintaining focus and interest in long-term pursuits.

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Inclusion is not just a checkbox for us…

…it's the essence of creating a workplace where everyone's unique strengths are recognized and celebrated. Embracing neurodiversity means paving the way from deficit to benefit, challenging notions of Imposter Syndrome, and adopting techniques and strategies that work for every individual.

Ignite the power of your Neurodiversity: download, learn, elevate!
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Transform dull workplaces into places where every unique mind thrives. Let’s connect and spark a more inclusive future for everyone.


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