Mischief Music: Zoom Tunes

You can not beat (😏🥁)  a good playlist. Convince everyone in your next meeting that you’re a fabulous DJ, with this carefully curated playlist for virtual meetings. It is jam packed with tunes which lend themselves to mixed groups and a variety of meetings.

Everyone will enjoy these songs tinkling out of their speakers - from Sal in HR to Barry in sales. Here you can find songs to play while people wait for a session to start, to fill silences / send some inspiration while people focus on individual work or last but certainly not least… add some vibes to those virtual friday drinks. 🍻

  • Click on the ‘share screen’ option on Zoom (green button in the middle of meeting controls bar)

Option 1: Sharing presentation + sound

  • If you’re also sharing a presentation deck or similar, check the box in the bottom left hand corner that says ‘share computer sound’ 

Option 2: Sharing music or computer sound only

  • If you only want to share music and stay in gallery view, click on share screen then go to the ‘advanced’ tab in the top-middle of the window

  • Choose ‘Music or computer sound only’ and hit share

  • With either of these options people will hear the playlist coming out of their own speakers

Make sure you check the volume with your co-pilot or one of your colleagues. Sometimes due to your sound settings X zoom sound settings you can accidentally blast people with the volume way too high.


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