Traffic Lights


  • Time

    10 mins
  • Level

    4 (out of 5)

An online version of a classic in person energizer. The group dos actions as they’re called out, if they do the wrong one their OUT!


  1. Bring everyone to gallery view and introduce the actions: touch your nose, touch your head, move, freeze.

  2. Play a couple of rounds, inviting the group to do as you say. 

  3. If people get it wrong, for example move when the should be frozen, tell them they’re out and they should turn off their camera.

  4. Introduce a new rule: make everything opposite! So when you say move, they have to freeze and vice-versa. Same with touching: head means nose, nose means head.

  5. Keep playing, by calling out actions, knocking people out if they make a mistake. Last one with their camera still on wins.

Materials // Remarks

Keep everyone engaged, by enlisting the people who are ‘out’ as judges. Ask them to help you by spotting if anyone makes a mistake as you continue to play.

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