Post it Prophecies


  • Time

    10-20 mins
  • Level

    4 (out of 5)

A creative and mischievous way to surprise participants with small messages of inspiration, encouragement, fun or facts - get inventive!


  1. Write down a number of prophecies on small strips of paper. These could be inspirational quotes, thought starters, questions, ... whatever suits the purpose of your session.

  2. Fold the post it notes / paper of choice as follows (see visual below)

  3. Place the post-it parcels on the table or seat of each participant - or invite them to come and collect one each

  4. Once each person has opened and read their prophecy, you can choose to level up the impact by inviting them to share them with one another, and discuss how this sits with them or how they might apply this within their work life.

Example prophecies:

  • You’re someones favorite colleague

  • Tell someone how much you appreciate their work, it’ll make their day

  • You make being part of a project exponentially better

  • Tell people about that idea of yours, its really good

  • Your emails have the power to brighten someone's day

  • There is no angry way to say bubbles

  • Dare you to sprinkle some mischief into your next meeting

  • You’re going to thrive in this new world of work

  • Someone from another team would love to work with you

  • No one can put you on mute in real life... apart from yourself

  • Ouch! Your creative energy is on FIRE

  • This note is never going to give you up, never going to let you down

Materials // Remarks

Post it notes or Paper, Pens


The video from which the visual above was created, showing how to make the Post it prophecies step by step:


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