Series Collection

Inspiration can hide in the strangest of places - and in some obvious and brilliant places too. At Mischief HQ we can nottt get enough of these series, some for straight up facilitation inspiration and some just for good fun (but if you keep your eyes and ears open Mischief Maker, you’ll find 💎gems💎 in all of them).

Here we go:

  • 🏳️‍🌈 Queer Eye: We talk none stop about the importance about finding your own authentic facilitation style. The fab 5 not only role model the power of this to a T; their episodes are sprinkled with guidance around this, and how to really meet people where they are.

  • 👀 Taskmaster: You can watch all series for free on YouTube - excellent inspiration for games and energizers you can play with your team, also very very funny 

  • 🧢 The Playbook: This one is showcasing some of the most successful sports coaches and reveals how they lead their teams to success. Impressive, interesting & definitely a true source of inspiration. 

  • 🏝 Love Island and other such tash: now before you hate on this hard, Richard Curtis RENOWNED for portraying some of the most touching authentic characters is obsessed with Love Island. We’re on that bandwagon with him, because as scripted as manufactured as these shows are… you do get a front line view for raw and live human emotions and relationship navigating. Just like the original, Big Brother - or for you dutches ‘Wie is de Mo’ ‘The island’ by Bear Grylls is another - these shows offer a feast into into group dynamics if you’re open to seeing it

  • 📺 W1A: A brilliant British mockumentary - offering a hilarious reminder to all of us in the industry to avoid buzzword bullsh*t - lest we end up like these caricatures. 

  • 🌟 The Office / Parks & Rec: We barely even need to explain the reasoning for this one. Obviously excellent Leadership lessons from Michael Scott and Lesley Knope.

  • 👩‍🏫 Educating Yorkshire: Facilitation, leadership, teaching at its finest. Such a stunning show full of lessons and bits that will make you laugh out loud.

  • 🎼 Mozart in the jungle: A recommendation from one of our fave collaborators in Atolye, Mert - “A TV series about the guy who became the maestro of the NYC Orchestra - it’s a super nice Leadership and Facilitative journey”


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