Mischief game: Fake artist in New York


  • Time

    15-60 mins

Christmas time is the time for games of all kinds. Whether you’re gathering online or in person, this game by Polygon is one is for all of you Mischief Makers who are in for some drawing and pretending that you know it all- while you’re completely clueless. 👩‍🎨 🎨 #fakeittillyoumakeit 

Bring this game to your next online or offline team meeting, friends or family gathering and let your creativity flow!


Here’s how it goes step-by-step (Example: 6 players)

  1. Decide on the Question Master for the first round; everyone else will be artists. The Question Master selects a category and announces it to the other players (i.e. animals, fruit, vehicle…). They then write down an X on one piece of paper, and an object/word on the remaining ones. (Example: one ‘X’, four times ‘crocodile’). 

  2. All players draw a paper. The player drawing the ‘X’ becomes the fake artist.  

  3. Now the drawing begins! 🎨 Each player grabs a colour pen (ideally everyone has a different colour). The Question Master can decide who should make the first mark. Moving clockwise each player makes a mark to add single elements to the piece of art. Do this for two rounds.
    Watch out! One mark = one line. As soon as you lift your pen from the paper, it’s the next player’s turn. 

  4. After the second round the Question Master will count from 3 and all players have to point at the person who they believe is the fake artist. 

  5. If the most votes are pointing at the fake artist that player has to reveal their true identity. In this case the fake artist gets the chance to take a guess at what the object is and can still earn points if correct.
    If a real artist gets the most votes, the fake artist wins.

  6. Don’t forget to write the title of the art piece on its top. Then move on to the next round by choosing the next Question Master. 

  7. The game is over when the first player has 5 points (or whenever you decide it’s over, we’re playing endless rounds!). 

Point system:

  • The fake artist gets caught and guesses the correct object → fake artist & Question master earn 2 points each

  • The fake artist gets caught and makes a wrong guess → all artists earn 1 point each 

  • The fake artist does not get caught → fake artist & Question master earn 2 points 

Materials // Remarks

  • Tip 1: when drawing the papers avoid any type of reaction to not reveal whether you’re a real or fake artist. (Or make get on your acting game and drop some false hints! 😉)

  • Tip 2: while drawing you want to avoid to make it too obvious what the motive is so that the fake artist remains clueless. 

✏️ Materials (offline):  

  • Coloured pens or whiteboard markers

  • Paper snippets 

  • Large paper, flipchart or or magic whiteboard foil (our fave!)

🌐 Materials (online):  


Original source: Polygon games


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