Mastering Hybrid meetings

Master Class | 2x Half Days | Online & Offline

Ensuring equal and Inclusive contribution from on & offline participants

How to confidently host smooth and  efficient meetings

Get to grips with the tricky hybrid tech logistics

Boost engagement and human connection


Because Hybrid is here, and it's here to stay. This masterclass is about arming you with the confidence and skills you need for the future of work; exploring how to lead effective meetings for when some join online, and some join in person.

You'll leave with your hands full of hybrid meeting tools and best practices ready to directly apply in your own meetings. Everything from; tech set up, hosting engagement and formats which will keep your participants active and involved, with equal voices and input from both sides of the room.

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You can take part virtually, or in person in Amsterdam


  • 2 half day sessions (09:00 - 13:00)

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  • Freelancers

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Who should join

Designed for Team Leaders, Project Managers, Service Designers, Educators, or anyone who must help a group to work in hybrid settings.


what you will take away

Tech choreography

How to set up your space and figure out where all the tech bits must go in order for the session to be fully accessible for both online and offline participants.

Choosing the right formats

What type of exercises and formats to choose to ensure it's an equal experience for both online and offline groups.

Being a meeting host

How to confidently lead meetings across two spaces in your own style; with smooth running and engagement in mind.


How to make sure every voice is heard, and that each person - offline or online - can actively contribute to their full potential.

Don't just take our word for it

Forbes / LinkedIn data

“There has been a 304% spike in titles that reference ‘hybrid work’ since the pandemic began”


Hybrid can be a cost effective solution since businesses lose about $600B to in-office distractions

World trend index, 2021

66% of leaders noted they are planning to accommodate hybrid work environments with a space redesign


94% of employers noted higher or similar levels of productivity within hybrid/remote teams.

Hybrid hitting strategic goals

We recommend thinking hybrid first - as competitive advantage and here's why...

Employee rentention

2022 is being hailed as 'The Great Resignation'*. Having reaccessed work-life balance during lockdown, employees have become more discerning about what gives and takes their energy professionally. By proactively shaping more engaging, human and enjoyable meetings and ways of working, you're not only wiping out zoom fatigue you're offering a platform for people to thrive, connect and feel motivated to do their best work.

*World Economic Forum

Engagement and evolution

The world of work is forever changed, and we're now at the forefront of shaping new ways of working which are fit to continuously adapt. Your teams need to be equipped to be equally productive when they're meeting in person, online or a hybrid mix of the two. Skilled meeting prep and facilitation allows leaders to make sure every voice is heard, all input is supported and every team member has an equally productive experience. Moreover, the best facilitators can ensure people, whether remote or onsite, can always connect on a human level and feel those company culture vibes.

Community of practice

Time really is money. *Research shows wasting time through ineffective meetings cost up to $399 billion in the US and £58 billion in the UK. An employees attention and energy is a limited yet incredibly valuable resource - so let's make sure it's well spent - and transform that ROI. By ensuring your meetings are carefully crafted to healthy manage energy, inclusive discussion, with goal-orientated processes - you're setting up for success no matter what the project.

*INC: A survey of 6,500 people from the USA, UK, and Germany across 19 million meetings observed.

Fostering inclusion

Diversity of thought is finally recognised as absolutely imperative for true success and impact. Now in an era where online and hybrid work modes add a new level of complexity, expertise in how to host environments and conversations which invite, celebrate, respect and support diverse voices are vital. Ensuring every participant can feel confident and comfortable bringing their full self to any conversation, means you unlock vastly untapped potential in your workforce.

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