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Impactful Global Systems


The Challenge

How might we create an impactful global food system through a multilayered transformation requiring a system evolution approach, tackling challenges from the individual, organizational and multi-regional layers?

Mischief approach

We designed a learning journey across multiple touchpoints that breaks the learning silos across projects and enhances company wide collaboration. Through strategic sprints we empowered stakeholders to learn their way through the food system as well as gaining insight into the logistic systemic impact.

We worked with 2 layers:
1. We helped the team(s) innovate through the use of designs prints
2. We educated people on how to run these sprints on food systems in their local environment for a ripple effect.


  • The sprints have been well received by participants and people have been selected to co-run the design sprints to enhance experience based learning

  • Various tools and templates have been directly implemented in day to day work

  • Through collective knowledge clear organisational prio topics have been defined

"I enjoyed the atmosphere that you both created. It was very welcoming and warm. It was comfortable. That was important to have that from the beginning. People feel comfortable to be in that space. That’s not an easy task, you did that really well."

"At first, I had questions around what value this would add; but now I can see how this brought us to the same page"

Project participants

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