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Program Design & Facilitation

The Challenge

How might we ensure a seamless A-Z experience for conference delegates making sure people feel engaged every step of the way during the Accenture's innovation awards?

Mischief Approach

Co-created various delegates user journeys with the Accenture Steering committee. We've spotted opportunities for interaction, contributed and advised on activities and interventions that boosts people's engagement and uplifts their customer experience.

As an addition we've created bespoke formats for the roundtable session and trained Accenture Consultants how to host them like a pro.


  • Roundtable formats tangible outcomes coming from 25 tables and 250 participants

  • Boosted Accenture's brand value and perception amongst delegates

  • Revitalized interest in facilitation for accenture round table hosts

What they think

“Using the Mischief formats brought a lot of fun, inspiration and interactivity to the table creating a inclusive and engaged atmosphere for all involved.”

Richard ClausManagement Consulting Manager, Accenture

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