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Marketing Summit

The Challenge

How might we facilitate the summit with an engaging touch, break the ice and empower people to start making connections. Created a sense of community amongst the leaders of the EMEA Marketers, so they can start to feel like a united team.

Mischief Approach

We introduced theories, tools and frameworks to enhance connection, collaboration and culture. Setting up a team motto and social contract as well as sharing department updates and how to implement learnings.


  • Incorporated a shared language which is laid out internally

  • Ongoing collaboration and support with other Uber departments

“Mischief Makers helped us infuse the group with incredible energy and vision that carried through both days. We've received great feedback on the Summit and I think that's in large part due to the workshop MM led dedicated to our shared purpose/social contract workshop.”

Laureen EllisonRegional Head of Marketing, EMEA

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