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Ways of working

The world of work keeps changing. One thing is here to stay:
humans meeting and working together, to get things done. Collaboration, creativity and adaptability are the leading skills of the future.

  • Curate Your Learning
  • Experience Based Learning
  • On-offline / Hybrid
  • Add-ons

What your team will learn

This training will help you take the reigns when navigating this new world of work. You'll uncover robust and adaptive ways of effectively communicating and collaborating for every work mode and team setup.

Establish fruitful processes with your teams and moving them to their desired outcomes and goals in an efficient and collaborative way

Focus on your team’s purpose, personality types and collaborative approach before diving straight into results or outcomes

Knowledge and applied practice around clear communication, setting expectations and building social contracts

What our clients said

It's a Mischief Special

Bespoke training made for your team

You have needs. We have a powerhouse of expert facilitators and learning designers with a broad range of expertise who can design any type of training or program that is made uniquely to fit your needs.

Mischief Makers method

Training flow

We facilitate learning journeys, where discovering, applying and reflecting is part of the process. In this way Participants gain useful skills and knowledge they can directly apply in their daily work.

Live sessions

Weekly live online workshop with; knowledge share, discussions, learning by doing activities

Applied Practice

Challenges to support practice & application in your setting. Tangible tools and techniques participants can directly apply.

Curated learning content

Videos, podcasts and reads, theories and case studies on the week’s subject developed by our learning designers.

Reflection and Feedback

Formats and moments to reflect on practice and progress, including both peer and expert feedback

Frequently asked questions

What types of teams do you typically have for these trainings?

We have been working with various types of teams from leadership boards to marketing and events teams as well as innovation teams, customer success, etc.

How many people can join this training?

Approx 8-15 (nothing is set in stone, do reach out to us)

How much time will we need for this training?

This training usually lasts half a day, however, there are options for longer integrated bespoke training on request.

What does it mean that you can do it online, offline and hybrid?

We're equipped and experienced in running this training, in each mode. There may be additional costs if it is delivered hybrid and additional tech or facilitators are required, but everything is within reach.

Meet your facilitators

Our programs are led by the Mischief Makers dream team, trained by trailblazing institutes like Hyper Island and Kaos Pilots; bringing their facilitation experience from a broad range of client meetings, workshops, and events.

Emily Hinks

Lead Experience Designer & Facilitator

A trailblazer in progressive education and renowned for bringing energy, active participation and the warmest of smiles to every room. She loves a good bad joke.

Lete Hulscher

Lead Facilitator

With an eye for detail and relentless energy, Lete transforms & gatherings into smooth experiences. In true mischief spirit, she always has a good story to tell.

Katharina Jacobi


She’s a curious mind combining creativity with structure; always inviting people in, taking care that they’re included and bringing warm friendly vibes.

Ophelie Dubois


A jack of all trades with a passion for innovation, sustainability and multi-cultural exchange; her ready-to-go attitude is unbeatable.

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