Hidden Zoom Features

As Zoom has been one of our best friends over the past few months we’ve been exploring and uncovering more and more features within the software over time. Here’s an overview of our 5 favourites that have been very helpful within our workshop deliveries.

  • 🎨 Annotate Tool: This tool is an absolute gem, hidden in the menu zoom bar, it gives meeting participants the ability to write or doodle on your shared screen. You can use this feature in several ways, from letting people get creative on a blank slide to incorporating scales or spectrums where participants can cast their votes. 

  • ✏️ Rename: This one might sound obvious but the rename feature can be an absolute star-feature when used in smart ways. As a host in Zoom you’re able to rename participants in the room and for example put an asterix* behind their name after they’ve shared or took a turn. It’s a great way to keep an overview of who has contributed and who is yet to go. You can also ask participants to rename themselves according to their team name and/or specific breakout groups they belong to or would like to join. This makes the process of putting people into specific breakouts quick and easy. You can rename participants by opening the ‘participants’ list, click on ‘more’ next to their name, and click ’rename’.

  • 🔈 Sharing sound: Now that you’ve access to our Mischievous Zoom tunes already don’t hold back to put them on during your online workshop deliveries. Kickstart your ideation with some high energy tracks to get your participants going or some slower beats if you need people to focus. 

  • 🕹 Take over remote control: If you’re working from a master deck, you and your co-facilitator might want to consider to “take over remote control” instead of ping-ponging to share your screen. This will save you time and you can easily navigate one master presentation together. 

  • 🖼 Share a portion of your screen: You’re now able to share a portion of your screen, meaning that you don’t have to go into full presentation mode when sharing your deck. Example: only select the area showing your slides, giving you the ability to see all of your presenter notes and/or other open windows at once. 

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