History Mapping and Future Shaping


A lovely tool to create a shared history and sense belonging for a group. You visually map out the project or team's past, and physically walk through it to make sure everyone in the group can now share the story and find their place within it.



Use a long piece of roll out paper (the back of wall-paper or packing paper works great). We find it best to roll this out on the floor, so you can walk along it as a group - but putting it up on a wall also works well too! 

  • Draw a timeline from the very first day of the brand to present day. Include dates and key events / milestones along the way. You can save some time by preparing this before the session. It’s often easiest for a Founder or Team Lead to do this if possible, otherwise the longest standing members of the company or project.  

  • Have the leader (or one or two leading members of the team) walk through sharing the story, encouraging discussion and input from the group particularly around highs and lows - stand out moments. Encourage some personal stories to arise.

  • This ends the project history section. If you’d like to also use this activity to look into the future...

  • Add the Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) at the end (see tool description for further detail). Now that it is complete (with a small gap between the BHAG and current day) encourage discussion around the gap between the history map and the BHAG - what stands out? What is exciting, or worrying? What could some of the steps between the two look like?


  • Exactly the same facilitation applies, as above in the In Person section. All you do is switch your floor/wall and roll of paper, for a Mural or Miro board. Create your timeline on the digital whiteboard, pre-populating it with dates,  key milestones, highs or lows etc.

  • TOP TIP: It can help to already add a section where your participants can ‘pick up and move’ post-its instead of creating their own. This gives you a chance to colour code the post-its. e.g. green for highlights, red for challenging moments etc. 

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